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Muriel's Angels is a registered 501-3c charitable organization that provides funding for the special needs of children with physical and mental disabilities in Southern California. Many of these needs are not covered by local, state, or federal programs.




Know a family in need? Click the form: MURIEL'S ANGELS REQUEST FORM


JUST IN: We are pleased to announce that for the first time Muriel's Angels has been represented in the Abilities Expo, the event for the disability community, in Los Angeles, California!


We are happy to share our very first wheelchair accessible van delivery of 2023, donated to the very deserving Sarkis Family! See here!
We are now in the process of raising funds for 2 more deserving families that are in need of wheelchair adaptive vans for their children. Remember 100% of your donation goes to these worthy causes. Thank you for your support. We are sincerely grateful

March Completed Project:
Van Delivery for Sarkis Family

FIRST VAN DELIVERY OF 2023. In attendance were Muriel's Angels board members: Raydell Kelly, Anthony Minite, Jay Mills, John Ludwig, and Dale Hight, with Tiffany Harville, the principal of La Paz’s Intermediate School, and Anthony’s mother, Laura, and his sister Janice.


Anthony is a 14 year old boy who has a medical condition called Spina Bifida. He is a wonderful kid. However, due to his medical condition, many things have changed for him. Because of Anthony's chronic pain, he stopped doing so many things that he used to enjoy, including not wanting to go to school anymore because it was really painful for him to get in the car. As Anthony's mom, there was nothing I could do to help with his pain, and so I started feeling guilty. But something changed! We met John Ludwig, all thanks to Tony's therapist, Susan Hoang and Tiffany Harville, the principal at La Paz Middle School.

Since meeting John and the Charity, Muriel's Angels, Tony started to smile again. He even always asked about John. And when we received an adapted van from Muriel's Angel's, it was a dream come true for our whole family!

Tony now smiles and says, "Let's go in the van!" Today was the first day in weeks that he was able to stay a complete day in school and enjoy the road with no pain. He also listens to John's advice.  We are so happy!  

There are no words to thank you guys enough for MAKING A DREAM COME TRUE. Anthony's happiness and safety are my biggest treasures. Thank you and God bless you, MURIEL'S ANGELS!

--- Laura Sarkis

Elks Lodge Wheelchair Donation

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE --- We are happy to announce that Muriel's Angels received a number of brand new wheelchairs from the Mission Viejo Elks Lodge. The first of these chairs was given to Anthony Sarkis, pictured here with the wheelchair accessible van that the family received last week from Muriel's Angels. Many thanks to the Missio Viejo Elk's Lodge, especially Rich Encinas, who helped put this together!


Van Fitting with Anthony

Final adjustments are taken on the wheelchair accessible van that will be given to Anthony Sarkis’ family by the end of February.

With Dale Hight, Anthony’s mother, Laura, and Board Secretary, Lyn Brown, of Muriel’s Angels.

Stroller Delivery for Sal


The Soto-Ruan family received a custom fitted Covaid EZ Rider Stroller that was much needed for their son Salvador, age 10 yrs, who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. The delivery was attended by John Ludwig and Anthony Minite of Muriel’s Angels, and Dale Hight of Aero Mobility.

I am so deeply grateful to Muriel’s Angels for their incredible generosity in gifting an adaptive stroller for one of the families that I serve. John and his team have truly exceeded our expectations and have provided a safe and secure way of transporting their child to and from medical appointments, as well as community outings. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and support.  

Stacey, OT California Children's Services

Meeting with Haruka

The Kawana Family is another deserving family that Muriel’s Angels is working with to find a wheelchair accessible van for their son, Haruka. Haruka is a 14 year old child that suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. He is pictured with his Mom, Masami, and Muriel's Angels founder, John Ludwig.


Van Measurement for Anthony Sarkis

UPDATE: We have located a van for Anthony and are now ensuring it would fit his needs!

The Charity kicked-off the New Year with van measurements assessment for Anthony Sarkis. The meeting was attended by Anthony's mom, Laura, Principal of La Paz Intermediate School, Tiffany Harville, along with John Ludwig and Dale Hight of Muriel's Angels.

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Hope School Wheelchairs Repair


January 18, 2023

A message from the Principal of Hope School, Louie LeMonnier:


A huge thank you to Muriel's Angels for again coming to the rescue by assisting us in repairing all of our broken school wheelchairs! We are beyond grateful for the support of Muriel's Angels! Not only did they repair all of our school's wheelchairs, but through the past several years, they have also stepped up to support many of our families in need of a vehicle to transport their children who use a wheelchair. Muriel's Angels your kindness and generosity have made such a positive impact on our students and their families. Thank you for all that you do for our community!

Stroller Assessment for Salvador Soto-Ruan

The Charity met with Salvador of Anderson Elementary School for the final assessment and measurement of his custom stroller. The stroller would be form-fitting, with tie down restraints for safe transportation. It was attended by Muriel's Angels Founder, John Ludwig, and Salvador's parents, Alfredo and Flor.


November Completed Project:
Andrew Ruiz


Muriel's Angels donates a brand new wheelchair to Hope School student, Andrew Ruiz! His Mom, Danielle, writes:

"We are very grateful for the wheelchair that  Muriel's Angels donated to Andrew. His previous wheelchair was so uncomfortable and in desperate need of repair. Thanks to this wonderful donation, we can now transport Andrew safely. Thank you for such a kind gesture!



Danielle Ruiz"

October Completed Projects:
Double Donation, Double Celebration!


Muriel’s Angels is back in full swing recently delivering two brand new custom wheelchairs to Hope School students, Amy Martinez Cortes and Nayeli Galvez. The meeting was held in AeroMobility Anaheim, California and was attended by the Cortes and Galvez families, alongside Hope School community liaison, Yinny Pascual-Molina, and teacher, Jennifer Hung. Event coverage was by the Charity's social media manager, Cyril Lumboy.


Amy is a new recipient of the Charity. Since it has been several years when she last replaced her wheelchair, she was in need of a new one that provided better support and comfort. Amy lives with a list of medical conditions that include Down Syndrome, Hypotonia, and Arthralgia.


Nayeli is a returning recipient as she first received her wheelchair from the Charity back in December, 2021. She is back for a wheelchair that better accommodates her size. 


Both wheelchairs were provided at absolutely no cost to the families!


June Completed Projects:
Double Donation, Double Celebration!