Muriel's Angels is a charitable organization

that provides funding for the special needs of children with physical and mental disabilities in Southern California. Many of these needs are not covered by local, state, or federal programs. 

Need Funding for another Wheel Chair Accessible Van

Andrew Age 19 Hope School Student


Hi, my name is Andrew Porras, I'm 19 years old. I can't walk or talk, but I have a big smile on my face. My grandma and I are getting older, and it has become nearly impossible for my grandma to transport me. We are in need of a wheelchair accssible van. 

May 2021 Completed Project 
We presented a full size van for the Ramirez family who have four children three with muscular dystrophy confined to wheelchairs. 



The Ramirez Family

Delivery of Van

Thank you from Mr. Ramirez 

 Completed Project February, 2021

The Perez Family Receives their Converted Van for Little Sandra.


The Santos Family Gets a New Van and the Ability to Travel Together for the First Time


In October 2020, Muriel's Angels, with support from Aero Mobility gifted a customized van for the Santos Family. Maria and Samantha Santos both suffer from Muscular Dystrophy and are confined to their wheelchairs. Their new van is equipped for both wheelchairs.


Testimonial from the Principal of Hope School:

Muriel's Angels, 

I can't begin to tell you what an impact you are having on families with children with disabilities. Because of your generosity, Logan now has a new wheelchair that is designed to meet his needs, and Zachary has a new van that allows him to get from place to place with ease. Thank you for the good work you are doing in support of families and individuals with special needs.  You are truly inspiring and are influencing lives around you! Best regards to Muriel's Angels and your continued good work toward others.


Louie LeMonnier

Principal, Hope School 


Muriel's Angels continues to work with Aero Mobility. They have supported our efforts in helping us to complete a number of our projects for our families who are in need of our charity's support. Muriel's Angels is truly grateful for their ongoing assistance.