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Muriel's Angels is a registered 501-C3 charitable organization that provides funding for the special needs of children with physical and mental disabilities in Southern California. Many of these needs are not covered by local, state, or federal programs.



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New Project (September) - Davis Family

Our most recent project will be securing a wheelchair accessible van for Jack, age 5 who suffers from myotubular myopathy.   Jack is confined to a wheelchair.  The family is supported by a nurse that accompanies Jack to a public school on a daily basis.  Jack has no motor skills, relies on feeding tubes, is non-verbal but understands and uses a computer to communicate. Otherwise, his cognitive skills are normal for his age.  

A wheelchair accessible van is necessary for daily doctors appointments and general transportation.   Presently the wheelchair has to be broken-down, and Jack has to be carried into his present vehicle by his mother or his nurse (see pictures below).  We hope to have this project completed within the next couple of months.   

Jack, his mother, Lauren and his nurse are pictured along with John Ludwig of Muriel's Angels and David Meshkani of Aero Mobility.

Recent News

TSO, Tennis Serving Others, a local women's tennis group that supports local charities partnered with Muriel's Angels on August 17, 2023.  Pictured below, TSO volunteers, Muriel's Angels Board members, John Ludwig, David Brown, Lynn Brown.  Our charity appreciates their commitment and support.

Other News

Muriel's Angels would like to thank and acknowledge The Elks Lodge, #2444 Mission Viejo and Ryta and Peter Seremet of The American Endowment Foundation for their generous donations.

Muriel's Angels has donated several new wheelchairs to The Hope School and other qualifed recipients within the last month.

Project Update - Diaz Family

The Diaz Family's Chevrolet Traverse Conversion vehicle is presently on its way and should be received by the family within days.  

New Project (August) - Diaz Family

Axl is a 7-year old physically disabled child who has no motor movement and little cognitive ability.  His mother, Denise has been burdened with having to transport Axl by physically picking him up out of his wheelchair and loading him into their existing vehicle.  Denise then has to manually load his heavy wheelchair into the vehicle.  

We are raising funds for a rear-entry conversion Chevy Traverse vehicle, which would greatly improve the Diaz's family's daily transportation needs.   

Denise Diaz, her son, Axl and Board members of Muriel's Angels; John Ludwig and Dale Hight as well as Rich Encinas representing Mission Viejo Elks Lodge.  The Lodge has donated a number of wheelchairs to Muriel's Angels.

As the photos show, as a child grows, you can see why Axl's mother will have continued difficulty in transporting her child for their daily needs.

Completed Project (July) - Kawana Family

We started working with the Kawana family back in May, helping them with their son, Haruka and their van conversion needs.   Haruka is a 14-year old child that suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. 

We are pleased to announce that their van conversion is complete and their van was delivered on July 14th at Aero Mobility. 

Haruka's mother, Masami says it all... "I want to thank you for your generous contribution towards our new accessible family van.  We are so excited and ready to have many memorable journeys in comfort, thanks to all of you at Muriel's Angels!!!"

Haruka and his mother, Masami receiving their new converted van.  Pictured along with John Ludwig, President of Muriel's Angels, David Meshkani of Aero Mobility. 



Muriel's Angels latest van gifted and delivered to the Lopez family at Hope School May 2023.

Jesus Lopez and family, with Hope School Staff, and Board members of Muriel's Angels; John Ludwig, Dale Hight, Lynn Brown, Chris Eckman.

 Jesus Lopez, Father Julio, Mother Laura, and Aid Raul Haro, Dale Hight, and John Ludwig...checking van accessibility for final delivery.

"What a beautiful day it was to witness the generous outpouring of support to another Hope student and his family! The gracious gift of a van with a ramp is going to radically transform their lives, granting them access to so much in our community." - Ryan Loch, Vice Principal, Hope School

We are now in the process of raising funds for 3 more deserving families that are in need of wheelchair adaptive vans for their children. Remember 100% of your donation goes to these worthy causes. Thank you for your support. We are sincerely grateful.

Jorge Rosas


In a short turn around time, the Charity was also able to provide maintenance and repair for Jorge Rosas' wheelchair!

Adriana Perez, Jorge's Mom, has had a hard time getting the manufacturer to fix his wheelchair. It was all thanks to Jorge's teacher from George Key School, Grace Gordon, that the family was able to connect with Muriel's Angels and finally get his wheelchair fixed!




April Projects:

Vijayaraghavan Family


Muriel's Angels founder, John Ludwig, and Aero Mobility operations manager, Dale Hight, met up with dad Kannan, mom Aswini, and daughters, Manya and Rohitha of the Vijayaraghavan Family to assess their van needs.

Rohitha is a 15 year old girl diagnosed with Potocki-Lupski syndrome, and  is both physically and mentally challenged. She has grown tall and with increasing weight, her parents find it challenge to safely transport her in and out of the car. They even need to disassemble her wheelchair and manually carry her into the car. Rohitha had spine fusion surgery 3 years ago, which makes her situation all the more delicate. The family is in desperate need of a wheelchair accessible van.

Aside from the Vijayraghavan Family, the Charity is also raising funds for the Kawana and Lopez families, who are also in need of wheelchair accessible vans. More details soon!

Meeting with Haruka

The Kawana Family is another deserving family that Muriel’s Angels is working with to find a wheelchair accessible van for their son, Haruka. Haruka is a 14 year old child that suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. He is pictured with his Mom, Masami, and Muriel's Angels founder, John Ludwig.


Completed Projects:

Van Delivery for Sarkis Family

FIRST VAN DELIVERY OF 2023. In attendance were Muriel's Angels board members: Raydell Kelly, Anthony Minite, Jay Mills, John Ludwig, and Dale Hight, with Tiffany Harville, the principal of La Paz’s Intermediate School, and Anthony’s mother, Laura, and his sister Janice.

Sarkis main picture march.webp

Anthony is a 14 year old boy who has a medical condition called Spina Bifida. He is a wonderful kid. However, due to his medical condition, many things have changed for him. Because of Anthony's chronic pain, he stopped doing so many things that he used to enjoy, including not wanting to go to school anymore because it was really painful for him to get in the car. As Anthony's mom, there was nothing I could do to help with his pain, and so I started feeling guilty. But something changed! We met John Ludwig, all thanks to Tony's therapist, Susan Hoang and Tiffany Harville, the principal at La Paz Middle School.

Since meeting John and the Charity, Muriel's Angels, Tony started to smile again. He even always asked about John. And when we received an adapted van from Muriel's Angel's, it was a dream come true for our whole family!

Tony now smiles and says, "Let's go in the van!" Today was the first day in weeks that he was able to stay a complete day in school and enjoy the road with no pain. He also listens to John's advice.  We are so happy!  

There are no words to thank you guys enough for MAKING A DREAM COME TRUE. Anthony's happiness and safety are my biggest treasures. Thank you and God bless you, MURIEL'S ANGELS!

--- Laura Sarkis