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Muriel's Angels is a registered 501-C3 charitable organization that provides funding for the special needs of children with physical and mental disabilities in Southern California. Many of these needs are not covered by local, state, or federal programs.



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Latest news at Muriel's Angels

Muriel's Angels has been hard at work for the last couple of months helping families and schools in providing support for children with special needs.

Presently, we are working on vetting several families for wheelchair accessible vans as well as continuing to provide wheelchairs on an as needed basis for those families that have children with special needs.

Muriel's Angels would like to express our gratitude to our generous donors who make these projects possible.   We could not do it without your on-going support.

See our latest updates below in helping those families who are in need of our support.

Muriel's Angels donates wheelchairs to Hope School

Muriel's Angels continues to support Hope School and other schools that have students with physical disabilities. 

As expressed by Hope School on Muriels Angels latest donation-
The students and staff at Hope school would like to say THANK YOU to Muriel’s Angels for the donated wheelchairs! Your donations are much appreciated and truly valued. The wheelchairs are used daily by many of our students on campus. It helps many of them transport across the campus safely when they need it most. Once again thank you for all your help and support. 
Yinny Pascual-Molina 
Community Schools Coordinator
Hope School

John Ludwig of Muriel's Angels donating four new wheelchairs to Hope School.

And now a special gift for Lana's Birthday...

This is Lana, an 8 year old child who is afflicted with ROHHAD Syndrome, which is a rare disease with unknown and debated etiology, characterized by precipitous obesity in young children, hypoventilation and autonomic dysregulation with various endocrine abnormalities. Lana has 2 sisters 11 and 15, one of which is suffers from a condition of Hemophilia. 

Malissa, the children's mother has been understandably burdened with the ongoing transportation needs for her children. As you can see in the photos below, it is with substantial effort to transport Lana for any transportation needs, including having to use a Hoyer Lift to lift Lana into her current vehicle.

The past situation shows the difficulty in transporting Lana.

                                                   And now...

Malissa, Lana's mother and family receiving their new van which will greatly improve Lana's day-to-day transportation needs.
A very special thank you to Louie and Patty Antonucci for donating the vehicle in the memory of their late son Michael, and to Aero Mobility for their continued support in helping to apapt vehicles for wheelchair accessibility for Muriel's Angels.   

Muriel's Angels Board along with Louie and Patty Antonucci, delivering the Guiterrez family - mother, Malissa, daughters Lana, her sisters, Lilli and Leila their new wheelchair accessible van.

As expressed by Malissa, Lana's mother -
"Dear Muriel’s Angels and associates,I would like to say thank you for helping my family with this wheelchair Van for my daughter Lana.
I can’t put into words what a difference this will make in our lives. Not only will this van make taking her to all her doctor appointments easier, it will also give her the freedom to do everyday things with her sisters she would sometimes have to miss out on, because we didn’t have a van for her.
All of our hearts are filled with excitement, joy and anticipation for this upcoming summer because of the memories we’ll be making with Lana that will last a life time.
Many blessings to you for helping families like mine. What a dream come true!"

Here's Winnie!

Muriel's Angels was grateful to assist The Meadows Family.   

Winnie, age 6, who attends George Key School, was in need of a customized wheelchair fitted with an "Easy Lock" that enabled her to be easily transported in the family van. Winnie suffers from a genetic disorder that compromises her cognitive and motor skills.  She
 is confined to a wheelchair.  

As expressed by Winnie's family -
Dear Muriel's Angels,

"Thank you so much for your generosity in providing Winnie with a new wheelchair.  She absolutely loves it and feels like such a big girl climbing into it herself.  We were blown away with your kindness and attention to detail.  We are forever grateful to you!"


The Meadows Family 

Winnie, mother Amanda, pictured along with John Ludwig of Muriel's Angels and Dale Hight of Aero Mobility.

Muriel's Angels helps Venture Academy and George Key Students

Just one of the schools who have students with "special needs" that Muriel's Angels has supported.

"Thank you Muriel’s Angels for Putting Kids First! It's an honor to serve as your superintendent of schools" - Dr. Alex Cherniss, Superintendent of Schools, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified District

Read the letters of Appreciation from Dr. Alex Cherniss, Superintendent of Schools and Grace Gordon, teacher George Key School.