Current Fundraising Project - April/May 2021

We are working on two projects. Our present project is securing a full sized van for the Ramirez family who have four children three children with muscular dystrophy confined to wheelchairs.

Ramirez Family

Anthony age 5, Nathan age 6, Ashley, age 13


The Ramirez Family

Ramiriz childr Ashly, Anthony and Nathan

Ashley 13, Anthony 5, Nathan 6 and Vanessa 5 

Ashley age 13

The Ramirez Family has never been able to travel together as a family unit. Doctors appointments and other family functions are logistically difficult to accomplish. They are in need of a large wheelchair accessible van that can hold three wheelchairs. The cost of a used van that accommodate three wheelchairs plus the other family members is upwards of $30,000. Muriel's Angels is actively raising funds to meet the needs of this family.

June 2021 Project

Andrew Age 19 Hope School Student


Hi, my name is Andrew Porras, I'm 19years old. I can't walk or talk, but I have a big smile on my face. I have cerebral palsy with a seizure disorder. I love going to Hope School and. I love traveling everywhere with my grandma. She raised me. When I was little, my wheel chair was small and my grandma could manage me. Now that we are both older it is hard to go anywhere as our transportation has become almost impossible. We heard about your  organization, Murial's Angels. hoping that you would consider us, we need your help..That would be a blessing as it would enable us to to travel for my Dr Apts and other travel needs...thank you for considering us.🙏🙏🙏

Family Grants for Wheel Chair Vans
Muriel's Angels has a cooperative agreement with Aero Mobility, the largest authorized mobility dealer in Southern California. Muriel's Angels will be providing family's with down payment assistance. Families in need will be able to apply for a grant and be eligible to receive down payment assistance. We will provide more information about this project in the near future.