Sandra Perez is probably one of the cutest and smartest little 12-year-old girl you will ever come across.  Little Sandra,  was born with Spinal Bifida Hydrocephalus, a condition where the spinal column fails to develop properly resulting in damage to the spinal cord and the nervous system. The hydrocephalus condition requires a shunt to drain excess fluid from the brain, usually for life. 


Sandra has just finished her 3rd operation to straighten her spinal column which requires her to sit up but 30 min a day until the fusion is complete.  The family as of now has to lay her down in a vehicle before transferring her to a "flat" wheelchair.  A van with a lift would allow little Sandra to travel much more comfortably for family outings and her many Dr. appointments.  We, along with Aero Mobility are trying to accommodate this family with a ramped accessible van that would greatly improve their daily life.  

Perez family, John Ludwig of Muriel's Angels and David Meshkani of Aero Mobility

This is little Sandra's current method of transportation.

A wheelchair accessible van is needed at this time.

At Aero Mobility looking at new vans - December 10, 2020.

Funds Needed

$13,500/$21,000 Currently Raised

Family Grants for Wheel Chair Vans
Muriel's Angels has a cooperative agreement with Aero Mobility, the largest authorized mobility dealer in Southern California. Muriel's Angels will be providing family's with down payment assistance. Families in need will be able to apply for a grant and be eligible to receive down payment assistance. We will provide more information about this project in the near future. 

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