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March 2022 Completed Project
Father and Son, Gus and Aidan Garcia (12),
receive their brand new wheelchair accessible van
with Board Members Secretary Lynn Brown and Founder John Ludwig

Despite the lengthy process, Muriel’s Angels, along with Aero Mobility and the regional center, have successfully secured a brand new van and its conversion for Aidan and his father, Gus.

Aidan is a 6th grade student at the Oak Middle School in Los Alamitos. Because of his cerebral palsy, Aidan is confined to a wheelchair. Aidan’s parents are divorced, and he spends 50/50 time with each of them. His father, Gus, a single parent, often has to forgo work to take Aidan to school, doctor’s appointments, or other events. With his brand new wheelchair accessible van, these trips have become much more manageable.


In fact, within the first week of receiving their van, Aidan has already expressed his excitement to visit his uncle in Vegas! Indeed, the Charity is happy to help Gus and Aidan manage their transportation challenges.

Below is a message from Gus Garcia:


In December 2021, just a day before Christmas Eve, Muriel's Angels presented a full-sized wheelchair accessible van to the Ali Family, in Aero Mobility, Anaheim Hills. The Family has two children, Hamzah (21) and Massoud (11) who have cerebral palsy. Both are students at Hope School.

The van presentation was attended and supported by the Charity's board members, Dale Hight, Thomas Smith, Jay Mills, Ray Escobedo, and founder John Ludwig. Hope School liaison, Teresa, and Massoud's teacher, Andrea, were also there to spread holiday cheer!

The new van was donated by the Charity at absolutely no cost to the family!


Just a few days before Christmas 2021, Muriel's Angels was able to present a brand new wheelchair to Hope School student, Nayeli. Nayeli and her family, with the help of the Hope School team, have long been looking to replace her wheelchair which has been through a lot of wear and tear. It has been used to the point that the wheels have started to come loose and became a safety concern especially during transportation via district buses. Without the aid of insurance and financial means, Nayeli had to make do with her old wheelchair. Thankfully, Muriel's Angels and Hope School worked together to secure her a new one just in time for Christmas!

Watch Muriel's Angels in Action in this Coverage of Andrew's Van Delivery!



In August 2021, we presented a full-sized van to Hope School student, Andrew Porras, and his lovely family. We are grateful for the support of Dale Hight, General Manager of Aero Mobility, and Louie LeMonnier, Principal of Hope School, for making this project possible. Huge shoutout to Lynn Brown, Secretary of Muriel's Angels, and Miss Jessica, Andrew's therapist, for joining us in this event.


It delights us to hear that Andrew is now ready to go everywhere!