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Riley was an 11 year old child who was the impetus for forming Muriel's Angels. He he was born with DiGeorge Syndrome (Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome), a combination of very severe heart defects called Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia and Major Aorto Pulmonary Collateral Arteries, end stage kidney failure, and multiple other medical issues. Unfortunately Riley passed away in 2018. His legacy lives on through Muriel's Angels.  For more information about Riley and his family please follow their Facebook Page:

Testimonial Riley's Family

Okay guys, we have had some exciting news to share, but we have been trying to keep quiet until we knew that it was definitely happening. With all of the terrible things going on in this world, here, let me restore your faith in humanity. Riley's Dad made friends with this wonderful man through work, who uses a wheelchair like Riley. They got to talking about Riley and all of his challenges and this amazing and selfless man, along with a group of his friends, decided to get together, working with a company that provides wheelchair accessible vans and donate this van to Riley and our family. It is fully wheelchair accessible, and equipped with a ramp and tie downs for Riley's wheelchair. This is going to be life changing for us, as Riley is getting pretty difficult to lift and move around. We get to go and pick up the van tomorrow! God bless these incredible people who came together to do this for us!


Andre was a previously healthy and vibrant 3 year old boy who enjoyed playing basketball, baseball, watching Stephen Curry, and watching Paw Patrol until he caught the flu and it caused swelling on his brain causing him to develop Acute Necrotizing Encephalapthy which is very rare and not very common. Andre is one of the first African American cases of this nasty disease caused from the influenza virus. This disease has a very high mortality rate only 30% of people survive and were blessed to say Andre is part of the 30%!!!!!!! Andre spent 11 days in Valley Children's PICU and 2 months in rehab. Due to his illness Andre cant eat food by mouth currently and has a G-tube, he is also unable to walk and almost completely non ambulatory so I have to lift him and his wheel chair in and out of the car EVERYDAY multiple times a day because we have multiple appointments each week.

The family was attempting  to raise money to get a wheelchair accessible van so that they did not have to lift Andre in and out of the car.  Andre weighs 50 plus pounds and a wheelchair-accessible van would take a real load off of the family and help make things more accessible when transporting him.  Muriel’s Angels stepped in and provided Andre and his family with the needed wheelchair accessible van.  See the links below for the news coverage.

ABC 30 Coverage


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