Muriel's Angels is a registered 501-3c charitable organization that provides funding for the special needs of children with physical and mental disabilities in Southern California. Many of these needs are not covered by local, state, or federal programs. 


Now that Special Needs Schools are back in session, we are in the process of collecting information on students/families who may be our potential recipients. 100% of the donations go to the families in need.


October Completed Projects:
Double Donation, Double Celebration!


Muriel’s Angels is back in full swing recently delivering two brand new custom wheelchairs to Hope School students, Amy Martinez Cortes and Nayeli Galvez. The meeting was held in AeroMobility Anaheim, California and was attended by the Cortes and Galvez families, alongside Hope School community liaison, Yinny Pascual-Molina, and teacher, Jennifer Hung. Event coverage was by the Charity's social media manager, Cyril Lumboy.


Amy is a new recipient of the Charity. Since it has been several years when she last replaced her wheelchair, she was in need of a new one that provided better support and comfort. Amy lives with a list of medical conditions that include Down Syndrome, Hypotonia, and Arthralgia.


Nayeli is a returning recipient as she first received her wheelchair from the Charity back in December, 2021. She is back for a wheelchair that better accommodates her size. 


Both wheelchairs were provided at absolutely no cost to the families!


June Completed Projects:
Double Donation, Double Celebration!

Jareth Moguel and family finally get their wheelchair accessible van! The delivery was attended by Jareth's parents Karina and Juan, and his siblings, and Valadez Middle School Academy Principal, Dr. Christa Borgese.

Jareth has Muscular Dystrophy and as a result, his physical condition is greatly compromised. He is confined to a wheelchair. Jareth is now 14 years old, and his weight has made it difficult for his family to get him into a vehicle that is not wheelchair accessible.


In a short turn around time, the Charity was also able to provide maintenance and repair for Jorge Rosas' wheelchair!
Adriana Perez, Jorge's Mom, has had a hard time getting the manufacturer to fix his wheelchair. It was all thanks to Jorge's teacher from George Key School, Grace Gordon, that the family was able to connect with Muriel's Angels and finally get his wheelchair fixed!



Both the wheelchair accessible van and wheelchair service were of absolutely no cost to the families!


Get to Know the Founder:
John Ludwig

Catching Up with Sandra!

Past recipient Sandra Perez meets up with Muriel's Angels for some tasty tamales delivery! It's amazing to see Sweet Sandra doing well, and in her very own words --- thriving!




A message from the Principal of Hope School, Louie LeMonnier:


Happy New Year to all of you.  I just wanted to again thank you for all the wonderful and amazing work you do to support families of children with disabilities. More specifically, thank you for the attention and love you have shown many Hope School students and their families. You have radically changed the lives of so many by providing new wheelchairs and vans that can transport individuals in a wheelchair.  To those who are blessed by your generosity, these items are life-changing. Hope School is extremely blessed to have Muriel's Angels as part of our community and we are so thankful for all that you do.

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On other news:


Our Board President and Founder's affiliation with the Paralyzed Veterans of America California Chapter has induced the Board to vote to include helping those veterans who have non-service connected mobility issues. That is, Veterans who have served, but were not on active duty when their injury occurred. These are the Vets that are not fully supported by the VA and may need limited financial help with vehicle down payment assistance up to $5000.

A Message from Muriel's Angels

Greetings from The Board of Muriel's Angels and a happy and prosperous 2022!


We ended 2021 with the gifting of a new wheelchair accessible van to the Ali Family, and their 2 children. A heartfelt Christmas present it was. This was the 4th wheelchair van we donated this past year with no cost to the families. We also  have donated other needs to some of these families who have children with these special needs.

The upcoming year has started with the near completion of a project that has been a long time coming: that is working on necessary paperwork with an insurance company to help support our donation towards the purchase of a new van for the Garcia Family, Gus and his son Aiden. Normally, families who need our assistance do not have the support of insurance or state agencies to help them with the funds to purchase one of these wheelchair accessible vans. Thus, our Charity bears the total cost for these vehicles.

Our newest project is such a family. We are presently raising funds to provide Jareth Moguel's family with a much needed accessible van for their transportation needs. Jareth is a 14 year old child/student that suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. 

I am proud to say our small Charity, Muriel's Angels, has garnered much recognition from various social agencies in Southern California, and we are only limited by our funding to support these needs. Remember that 100% of money donated goes to servicing these projects.

For those who need documentation for your taxes our EIN # 82-2622082.


All the best and much thanks to those who have donated to our cause.

John Ludwig,



Muriel's Angels continues to work with Aero Mobility. We are truly grateful for their ongoing assistance in helping our Charity complete a number of our projects.